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Pelvic belt (formerly T-belt)


This belt is used to prevent people from sliding forwards when sitting, or to keep very active passengers in place when travelling to prevent them from hurting themselves or others.


A spinal belt is always required in combination with a pelvic belt to make it a functional unit – the pelvic belt cannot be used otherwise.


The pelvic belt is available in two different models. The standard version has side fastening with an extra buckle, which can be ordered as a Careva Pelvic KIT. The other version is a pelvic belt with front fastening. This solution can only be ordered as a single product, not as a KIT. This version is an option when the person wearing it tends to unlock buckles, as the front-fastening buckle on the pelvic belt can be moved to the side or behind the person when they are seated so that they cannot reach it.


NOTE! The pelvic belt with front fastening requires a spinal belt in order to be a functional unit, and these must be ordered as separate, single products.


The pelvic belt is available in three sizes S, M, L.



Pelvic belt manual

Download (PDF, 3MB)



Pelvic belt sizes and article no.

Side fastening:

– Small (Art No. 10222)
– Medium (Art No. 10221)
– Large (Art No. 10231) 


Front fastening: 

– Small (Art No. 10022)
– Medium (Art No. 10021)
– Large (Art No. 10031)


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