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Careva Combi KIT

Careva Combi KIT consists of a spinal belt, a combi harness and a separate buckle. The design involves a basic belt mounted vertically over the backrest. The straps are pulled through between the seat and backrest and locked at the rear of the car seat. A Combi Kit provides support for the upper body and prevents the lower body from sliding forwards, thanks to a hip belt with an additional crotch strap between the legs.


Available in three sizes: S, M, L.


The Combi KIT is a full-body support that is designed to facilitate the installation of a customised belt solution and that positions the body in an upright sitting position, which is a prerequisite for a normal car seat belt to work as intended.


The modular structure that characterises the Careva system is available as an assembled Careva KIT, although you can also select individual products that you install in your preferred solution.


Can be used with or without a booster seat or a forward-facing child car seat.s.




Combi KIT manual

Download (PDF, 3MB)



Combi KIT sizes and specifications

Combi Kit Small, 4–7years (art. no. 30223) consists of:

Spinal belt  (art. no. 10230)

- Combi harness (art. no. 10223)

- Buckle (art. no. 10030)

Combi Kit Medium, 8–12 years (art. no. 30224) consists of:

- Spinal belt (art. no. 10285)

- Combi harness (art. no. 10224)

- Buckle (art. no. 10030)

Combi Kit Large, 12–adult (art. no. 30225) consists of:

- Spinal belt (art. no. 10285)

- Combi harness (art. no. 10225)

- Buckle (art. no. 10040)




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